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The key ingredient inTurmaSlim stimulates energy, cuts appetite and boosts metabolism for faster weight loss! You can lose 7.8 times more body fat just by adding this key ingredient to your diet, according to a groundbreaking study. It also activates the body's fat burning messenger and breaks down even the most stubborn hard to lose fat- and today you will save $180 off MSRP.

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Best of all,TurmaSlim is sourced from an FDA Inspected, GMP-certified facility right here in Ohio to ensure purity, effectiveness and quality. So you'll always get exactly what's on the label and won't have to worry about shady companies or overseas operations. 
"Lost over 10 lbs in first 2 weeks. Works great. I didn't have to do some crazy diet, I still get to eat what I want. My joints had less pain from inflammation. I don't feel weak or run down. I am very happy and will continue taking this.” - Kathy, Seattle WA

6-Month 200% Money Back Guarantee*

Try TurmaSlim  risk-free for a full 180 days...and if you aren't completely satisfied, return the bottles, your before/after pics and a letter about your experience for DOUBLE your money back less shipping. Returns that do not meet these guidelines get a 100% refund.
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* Individual results will vary. Improved health results with TurmaSlim especially for weight loss, may come when used with a reduced-calorie diet & increased exercise. Nothing contained on this Website is intended to diagnose, prevent, mitigate, treat, or cure any disease or physical conditions, prescribe or perform medical treatment, or interfere or substitute with the treatment of medical or other professionals. Models are shown for illustrative purposes. Their use does not imply a personal endorsement for any product by them or anyone of their likeness. * Eligibility for 200% guarantee includes writing and mailing a full 1-page letter to the TurmaSlim mailing address, along with before and after pictures showing progress for every 30 days during the length of product use matching the amount of bottles bought, such as on Day 1, Day 30, and Day 60, for a 60-day supply, as well as sending logs of your diet and exercise lifestyle plan used alongside the product. If not possible to complete requirements for 200% guarantee, all customers are still eligible for standard 100% guarantee 180 Days, Just mail back all empty bottles to to mailing address.Placing an order indicates that you understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Product. For use as a dietary supplement only. Any studies cited as clinical